Accelerate EU
Making Europe an Easy Place for Startups
14th March 2014, Allianz Cultural Foundation Berlin
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The european startup initiative (esi) is a not-for-profit project with the objective of improving the state of entrepreneurship in the EU. Supported by the Allianz Cultural Foundation, the project aims to generate game-changing debate about how to make Europe an easy place for startups.
Why attend?
The workshop will bring together entrepreneurs, accelerators, investors and policymakers from all across the EU and offers you the chance to:
  • Learn from distinct speakers, who dedicated their work to the promotion of European entrepreneurship
  • Grab the chance to expand your network in Europe
  • Join the debate on new policy ideas to be suggested to EU policy makers

European public opinion has been putting emphasis on the importance of a thriving EU startup economy. We need to establish a EU-wide discussion about how to nurture and support new technology startups to generate employment, innovation, and growth.
This event has the objective of getting accelerators, entrepreneurs, investors and decision-makers, as well as all entrepreneurship enthusiasts, around a table to discuss new ideas for a more entrepreneurial Europe. We will present findings from interviews with EU accelerators and a survey of EU entrepreneurs.

We will have startups, accelerators, and investors sharing their experiences and views on entrepreneurship in Europe. This way we hope to stimulate thoughts on how to change the current state of EU entrepreneurship. With this event, we hope to establish a sense of commonality across the EU startup community and initiate a game-changing long-run dialogue among all those who care about EU entrepreneurship.

We feel this is the right moment to do that, given the proximity of the 2014 EU Parliamentary Elections. Ultimately, the EU future depends on being a fertile breeding ground for entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. Let us get started!


Dr. Peter Kadas
CEO and Partner at Traction Tribe

Dr. Kay Müller
Experienced Investor
and CFO of Allianz Real Estate

Hélčne Michel
President of Europe4Startups

Alex Berezovskiy
Initiator of The Startup Rally
and CEO of Leto

Dr. Sebastian Sieglerschmidt
Founder of 7trends
and CEO Allianz Digital Accelerator

Sándor Mohácsi
President of G20 -
Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Germany

Jérôme Roche
Policy Officer at the European Commission DG CONNECT

Luca Selva
CEO at Ianus Group and Director at ThinkYoung

Chris Brown
The Consigliere at Startup Wise Guys and
Partner at Traction Tribe

Sascha Schubert
Board member of the
German Startup Association
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